Our Mission
Our purpose is to disseminate the Schnabel family’s musical heritage to the general public.

  • Make all of Artur Schnabel’s compositions available in print
  • Publish the most important letters and writings of the family’s musicians
  • Support performances of Artur Schnabel compositions
  • Provide grants for the recording of Artur Schnabel compositions
  • Promote publications that feature Artur Schnabel works
  • Reissue recordings by Karl Ulrich, Helen Schnabel and the Piano Duo Schnabel
  • Provide information for music researchers and musicologists

François and Ann Mottier have dedicated the Foundation to the memory of their son, Claude Alain Mottier. Mary Virginia Foreman Le Garrec dedicates her effort to the memory of Artur Schnabel.

Werner Grünzweig, Director of the Music Archives, Stiftung Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
Mary Lou Chayes, Pianist and Producer of Schnabel Documentary, Director of Love Music Productions, Los Angeles, USA
Charles Dubin, Film and Television Director, Los Angeles, USA
David Goldberger, Professor Emeritus, Mannes School of Music, Florida, USA
Lincoln Mayorga, Pianist, Composer, Conductor, and Founder of Audiophile Recording Labels Sheffield Lab (CA) and TownHall (NY)
Peter Mischung, Director of Wolke Verlag, publisher of music books, Hofheim, Germany
Joan Rowland, Solo and "Four Hand" Duo Pianist, New York, NY, USA

Created by Wolke Verlag, Ralf Fischer, Germany