SMF in the Press:

The November/December issue of International Piano featured a five page tribute written by Stephen Wigler to Karl Ulrich Schnabel's 100th birthday.  In that article Wigler recounts how Claude Frank and Leon Fleisher reminisced about their experiences as students of Artur and Karl Ulrich Schnabel, and how much more they valued what Karl Ulrich taught them.  In the same article the achievements of the Schnabel Music Foundation are mentioned with the three books, seven CD titles, and the growing list of newly engraved or reprinted compositions by Artur Schnabel. 

Paul Revere Awards ofthe Music Publishers' Association of the United States

Each year outstanding examples of graphic design are selected to be honored by the Paul Revere Award. This award acknowledges publishers for their efforts in creating art for the music industry.

The Schnabel Music Foundation has been awarded the following first prizes (two in each of 2007, 2008, 2009):

Piano Trio (Schnabel) - Engraving by Anouk Jeschke
Sonata for Piano (Schnabel) - Engraving by George McGuire]
String Quartet No. 5 (Schnabel) - [George McGuire]
Piece in Seven Movements (Schnabel) - [George McGuire]
Piano Concerto (Schnabel) - [George McGuire]
Sonata for Solo Violin (Schnabel) - [Anouk Jeschke]

Leon Fleisher and Katherine Jacobson visit the SMF display at the 2007 Worl Piano Pedagogy Conference in Las Vegas.