Helen Schnabel

Helen Schnabel Plays Artur Schnabel

  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Intermezzo and Rondo) – F. Charles Adler, Conductor, Vienna Orchestra
  • Seven Piano Pieces
  • Reverie
  • Songs, Erika Francoulon, Soprano

Compact Disc TownHall Records THCD-65

Helen Schnabel Plays Beethoven, Weber, and Malipiero

  • Beethoven: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, No. 6, Op. 61 -- F. Charles Adler, Conductor, Vienna Orchestra
  • Weber: Sonata in E Minor, Op. 70, No. 4
  • Malipiero: Poemi Asolani

Compact Disc TownHall Records HCD-66


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Karl Ulrich Schnabel
The Tenth Decade, A Celebration

  • A 70-year retrospective of solo recordings of pianist Karl Ulrich Schnabel, and duo-piano collaborations with Joan Rowland, Helen Schnabel, and Leonard Shure.

Compact Disc TownHall Records THCD-59

Piano Duo Schnabel
(Joan Rowland and
Karl Ulrich Schnabel)

  • Schubert: Sonata in C Major "Grand Duo" (Op. 140)
  • Variations on an original theme in B flat Major (D. 603)

Compact Disc TownHall Records THCD-37

  • Mozart: Sonata in F Major (K. 497)
  • Schubert: Divertissement (Sonata in E minor) on original French themes (D. 823)
  • Eight Variations on a theme from Herold's opera, "Marie" (D. 908)

Compact Disc TownHall Records THCD-41

  • Schubert: Fantasy in F minor (D. 940)
  • Four Polonaises (Op. 61, Nos. 3, 4, 6 [D. 824], Op. 75, No. 3[D. 599])
  • Variations in A Flat on an original theme (D. 813)
  • Four Laendler (D. 814)
  • Rondo in D Major (D. 608)

Compact Disc Sheffield Lab Label 10054-2-F

Compact Disc TownHall Records THCD-49

Historical recordings by Artur Schnabel are widely available, either in local record stores or on-line. For a detailed list use your favorite search engine.

Recordings by Helen Schnabel, Karl Ulrich Schnabel and the Piano Duo Schnabel are available from Town Hall Records, 2429 Route 9, Chatham, NY 12060,